Dear Internet, Issue #1

Published 18 November 2012 in London, UK

Dear Internet, Some years ago, I started writing music under the name Dan Plus Add. Many asked questions such as “Who the hell is Ad?” or “Where do you find your inspiration?” or (a personal favourite of mine) “Why are you crashing my wedding with your beaten-up acoustic guitar and an empty box of Oreo cookies filled with poorly-labelled CDs?”

Well, Internet, I look back on those years fondly. I somehow managed to write two full albums, get one of them on Spotify, play about 6 gigs (I even was paid in beer for one of them!), sell £30 worth of digital-format music to you lovely people, and meet some other like-minded musicians.

Then, I stopped. Work happened, Reddit distracted me and I generally lost my way a bit on the music front.

This blog post, and the website which goes with it, is the official indication that I am in fact, back in the game.

Some people think it’s a bit old-fashioned, Internet, for a musician to have an official website since there are so many places where I can set up a page. To those people I say, “get off my lawn you young hooligans, I do what I want.” Nevertheless, I have set up a bandcamp page, I have my second album, Matters of Great Importance, on Spotify and obviously there’s Twitter and Facebook. These links are useful, because it means I can spam you regardless of to which side of the epic Battle for the Internet between all the sites – which I definitely did not just make up right now – you have pledged your alliegance. I’m gonna update at least Twitter and Facebook whenever I release a new song.

In conclusion, Internet, I missed you. So did my guitar. Watch this page for more. A new song is approaching.