Dear Internet, Issue #2: Minimum Viable Track

Published 02 2012 in London, UK

tl;dr: New song! Check it the hell out:  Way Too Drunk

Dear Internet, as you might know, writing and recording a full studio album (even if the studio is your bedroom, and even if the album is a hodge-podge collections of songs you’ve been writing over the course of two years) is a fucking epic task. Especially if you’re doing it alone.

I wrote & recorded MOGI during my first two years of University, when I had considerably more free time than I do these days, as I noted in my previous post.

I have, as of last weekend, written 8 fully-formed songs which I really like since , which take up about 30-40 minutes of songtime. I have a few more on the backburner, potentially enough for… drumroll, pleasea new album!

However, it’s still a long way off. A long way off. So, I’ve decided against going solely for the big reveal and instead to do what I did for MOGI: drip-feed the Internet songs in a limited, more… MVP way, and then record the proper, massive studio version for the album release. These songs will come under the album “100% Organic” because they will mostly be acoustic.

So, I present to you the first song I’ve recorded in a while,  Way Too Drunk. Download it here.

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